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June 6th

1 -- PJ
Fishing Reports up to and including Monday, June 6, 2016
Location: Rhode Island South County

Capt. Ray Stachelek reports:

The weather and temperatures seem to have seasonally moderated here in Southern New England. This consistent weather pattern has produced more balanced and predictable fishing results.

The best fishing in upper Narragansett Bay is all along the Port of Providence along the shipping channels. Fishing deep with chunks or live lining produced stripers in the 20 lbs. class using terminal gear. Fly guys are able to find scattered stripers from Sabinís Point down to the mid bay islands casting over structure. There is very little surface blitzing going on with the lack of silversides.

Captains Log: Two successful trips in the books

Mel Blake and Dave Pollack enjoyed great fishing conditions culminating with a trip to Block Island on Friday for their second trip. We were up on the crack of dawn, making the crossing to North Rip. Small sand eels are finally making their appearance to fly fishermenís delight. Casting conditions were perfect with a 5 mph southerly wind, outgoing tide, and a small ripple on the surface. We were able to release over a dozen stripers to thirty-three pounds mixed in with a half dozen bluefish. It was a great trip and a nice day to spend outdoors in a beautiful area with friends.

Dave Pollack continues to show his angling proprietary releasing this 33 lbs. striper on a bucktail streamer.

Captain Ray


2 -- PJ
Fishing Reports up to and including Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Location: South Shore, Rhode Island

Capt. Ray Stachelek reports:

Finally there is some fishing improvement along the south shore ocean front worth mentioning and passing along. Itís no secret; the footballs are here fully inflated. Itís been one heck of a week. Weather has been perfect with just the right amount of wind speed for fly casting and blowing from the southwest all week. There was only one day out of the entire five days straight, the ablies refuse to bite in force, but they were present, frustrating us to no end. Anyone who knows about this albie fishery knows they get in this mode when they stuff themselves to the gills and work off their full bellies by blitzing the surface. The bait of choice, plenty of peanut bunker.

Captains Log:

Maria Ellis and Ted Rzepski from the Hartford Ct. Area were back in Little Rhody again this time chasing hardtails. Doctor Maria can now cross one more event off her bucket list catching her first albie plus many more. The morning started with some good schoolie action later displaced by albies. Ted mentioned, ďIt was one of the most enjoyable trips he has had with us. The reason, we were on albies all morning with few boats around due to limitation with fog. I have to agree, without all that boat motor noise of running and gunning, the fish and bait stayed intact for most of the morning.

Joel Kessler, Sumner Levine, and friend Frank from New Jersey, were on board Wednesday morning. The ocean was like a mill pond not a ripple in sight. You expect tuna fishing to be difficult approaching breaking fish under these conditions. We had our shots, but the bright, sunny, exceptional warm day took its toll. We did manage to find some later on in the afternoon that surprised us all. We did find stripers on pockets of condensed peanut bunker in a few shallow coves. That saved the day.

Dave Pollack and Ira Asher had a banner morning catching footballs on Thursday. Lot of hook-ups and long runs put the drags to the test. Ira introduced a slower retrieve rate which seem to be to their liking, really surprised me. The bass bite has been consistent during the dawn hours into the first hour of light. It is nice to see the stripers rebounding again showing some improvement in biomass.

Ted Rzepski returned with best friend Jerry on Friday again with the same magic as his previous trip. We had a couple of doubles, makes for many smiles and mayhem. Just watching each move around the boat ducking rods and moving around each other is comical. This trip had a nice mixture of bass and tuna.

Captain Ray

June 17, 2014

3 --
Capt. Ray Stachelek reports:

A long time in the process, but hereís the first fishing report of the 2014 season.
Lots of unexpected cold weather this spring has delayed the normal timetable of migration of striped bass along with the food sources they chase. Many anglersí feel we may be as far as two weeks behind from previous years. Improvements in June with moderating temperatures should notice daily improvement. The late season should also extend the upper bay bass season into the month of July.

There appears to be plenty of adult bunker mainly north of Conimicut Light all the way up the Providence River into the Seekonk. Thatís basically where youíll find all the snaggers, chunkers, and bait fishing fleet. Many school size stripers have taken up residents in most shallows, harbors, and coastal structure but remain in small packs often smaller than three or four fish. Occasionally there are some smaller surface blitzes of schoolies on silversides in the open water. A few terns will signal the activity. Donít look for any intensity or duration as the event is short lived. There are three to five pound bluefish chasing the same schools of silverside randomly in Greenwich Bay. Naturally live bait fishermen in the Providence River constantly have to deal with bite-offs from larger bluefish.

Captains Log:

Maria Ellis and friend Ted Rzepski from the Hartford Ct. Area caught plenty of micro bass to four pounds on several trips to upper Narragansett Bay earlier this month. On the second trip both accomplished fly fishers sat over a school of stripers sipping silversides for three hours. Doubles and tight lines were the norm all morning long. Good to see so many two year old stripers appear hopefully grow and mature to reproductive size.

Maria and Ted share a moment of jubilation, a feat repeated many times. Not much down time with plenty of tight lines.

Joel Kessler from Crossroads Anglers and his New Jersey friend Frank also had a productive day in the upper bay. Joel brandishes the fly rod while Frank enjoys spin casting plugs and rubber lures. Both men ended with the same number of fish despite the difference in angling technique. Surprising many bass rose to the surface to a slow tantalizing retrieve that morning.

Frank with a nice ten pound striper caught on a surface popper get into his drag.

Joelís a sharp dresser as you can see holds a nice schoolie caught on a fly with a sinking line.

Bob Signorello returned for his yearly trip chasing spring time stripers. Two out of three days the weather would not cooperate with high winds and cold temperatures. Bob did have one quality day with his biggest in the seventeen pound rage with most stripers over five pounds.
Bob loves it here in Rhode Island chasing the stripers his favorite pastime.

Bob does best what he enjoys; any day striper fishing is a good day in his book.

Nancy is really getting starting to get into striper fishing. Seeing here smile, she replied, ďBoy is this like work reeling in this beauty.Ē

Lastly a good friend and fisher, Joe Herbert hasnít been feeling well with a bout of pneumonia as of late. It might take a while before Joe can get back on the water. He needs some time to rest up to regain his strength and build his casting stamina. Iím sure Joe will have plenty of time to catch up on his fly tying with plenty of new ideas to test in the trips ahead. Get well my friend. Hope to have you back on the water again shortly. We know you miss being out here.
Captain Ray

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