-- Block Island
Fish Report:

Global Warming! Oppressive heat wave, high humidity, no breeze adds to the uncomfortable heat index this week. The air conditioner runs perpetually. Looking out the window, I see a dog chasing a cat…. they are both walking.

Under these current conditions you’d expect the fishing to slow, come to a stop. It’s called, “The Dogs days of summer” as most of us know. But alas! Unexpected miracles do happen. USA beats Russia in Olympic Hockey, Red Sox win a World Pennant after 86 years, and USA Woman’s Soccer almost wins the World Title. Block Island striper fishing should be on that list of memorable feats right now.

An unforeseen amount of baitfish and stripers have moved in close to the island. It’s tough for us to identity the bait species. Who knows, it could be a mixture? Gulls look like they’re carrying sand eels by the silhouettes. Then there are hundreds of baitfish fleeing, walking on the surface, suggesting mullets. At times they look like half-beaks from a distance. There not silversides or butterfish? Stripers are not regurgitating anything. Captain Charlie of the charter boat “Snapper” tells us, “They’re called Billy Bait.” That’s a baitfish nobody on board seemed familiar with.

Rather than tell anymore details this week about when, where, what to use, and how, I’ll let you figure out the puzzle yourselves. Here are a few pictures to help your investigation.

We'll go to any depths to get you the information.

We’ll forgo the Captains Log this week.
Look forward in the coming weeks.

Captain Ray