-- Upper Narragansett Bay
Now this feels more like spring. Plenty of nice weather the past week. Striper fishing remains the same, no blitzing situations but the stripers are around. You need to look hard. Some have been saying there are more adult pogies in the bay. The state has determined there is enough for the commercial boats to start seining. We still haven’t run into any of ‘em around the mid bay islands. Most of the commercial fleet have been north around Providence. We never get that far, just too busy up there.

One again the stripers we have been targeted are near the bottom either on structure or deeper water. Good electronic marks are a plus to start your drifts. Keep it in gear: you’ll find ‘em eventually. That saves time too since the drifts were weak with less current and no winds. Deep sink lines and olive and white flies lead the way. In the shallow waters we jumped a lot of individual stripers while positioning the boat. We were able to nail a few casting to these targets.

Captain’s Log:

We had a great trip with Charlie Fortier and Wayne Perry onboard for a Friday morning outing. Hit a few places coming out of East Greenwich Bay along Patience Island. All failed to produce any hits so we moved over to the East Passage. The day got interesting. We ran into a pod of swirling stripers just playing around below the surface. The fun lasted about twenty minutes before they moved on. We had our share of steady hook-ups while it lasted. Fishing again was spaced out throughout the morning. No large stripers but we may have nailed twenty fish. Plenty of good ribbing banter, fun, and a great day to be with these gents. They certainly make the day interesting.

Charlie holding the biggest striper of the day.

Wayne looks good fashion wise posing with a small schoolie striper.

Captain Ray