Fishing Reports up to and including Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Location: South County, Rhode Island

Casting a fly has been difficult last week, but the seas along the ocean front have returned to normal for this time of year and the winds has died down too. Some late afternoon thunderstorms have been problematic at time but help relieve the souring temperatures.

Bluefish continue to strike a fly and keep anglers happy with tight lines. Their fighting ability is superb on a fly rod with plenty of leaping visuals trying to shake a hook. No large concentrations, but the bluefish seem to be everywhere. No large fish this week, most have been averaging 3-4 lbs. are space out evenly throughout the day. The brightness doesnít seem to affect the activity. Some encouragement with a few small bass in the mix found close to shore in structure.

Captainís Log:

Joan and Steve Reem ventured out to the Block on Tuesday to find heavy seas and blowing winds. This didnít diminish their spirit to catch a few fish. It was an up and down morning with four foot seas and salt sprays. They took everything that nature thrown at them like seasoned sailors. Joan and Steve are well accomplished fly fisherman from California visiting New London Ct for Navy sub reunion gathering of crew. They just had to get some east coast fly fishing in before their return home.

There wasnít much protection from the wind on either side of the island to fly cast. Winds were swirling in every direction of 20 knots or more made it almost impossible to get a line out with any distance. We move to the mainland to finish the afternoon to get some protection from the westerly wind.

Joan looks nice and warm bundled up near the end of June under blowing conditions. The weather has been bizarre for this time of year. Joan holds a nice bluefish that gave her some nice runs into the fly line backing. Never had a trout do this?

Steve broke the ice catching the first striped bass schoolie in over ten days and the only striper of the trip. Most locations have been overrun with bluefish. Steve gets a lot of credit working hard all day, casting hundreds of times, hanging in there with persistence. It finally paid off.

Itís home coming week at the Klinger Family summer residents in Point Jude during Fourth of July Week. Like most cosmopolitan families of today, members are spread out all over the country so itís nice to get everyone together again. Jeff and his family traveled from Memphis Tennessee to reunite with family visited the sea shore and get a little angling in too.

Joe, his son Jeff, and grandson Leif were all energetic wide eyed before sunrise heading over to the island at 4:45 am. The waters were calm and clear as the bow trusted thru the surface waves. We made excellent time and had our lines in the water in fifty minutes on the south side of the island. The weather was gorgeous with blue skies, no wind, and comfortable temperatures.

The blue fishing remained consistent throughout the day. Plenty of three/four pound bluefish to tweeze to the surface. Moving along the shore was key to find small pods of bluefish searching for their morning meal on some squid and sand eels. Plenty of doubles and tight lines. They did manage to catch a few stripers to boot.

Three generations (Joe, Jeff, and Leif) of the Klinger Family enjoy the brilliant day out at Block Island to some spectacular scenery and family bonding.

Joe, the proud family patriarch manages to fool a striper on a fly later on in the morning during the crest of the tide.

Like father, like son, Jeff managed to even the score with this nice striper caught on spinning gear using a silicone baitfish.

Captain Ray