-- PJ
Fishing Reports up to and including Sunday, July 8, 2012
Location: South County, Rhode Island

The weather was great to be on the water last week. Boat ramps were filled to capacity being the most popular week of summer vacation. Temperatures were at least ten degrees cooler than the hot, muggy mainland has been experiencing. Traffic was extremely slow trailering home each afternoon. Winds all week averaged 5 mph made it enjoyable to fly cast each trip. Nice three foot rollers made for some nice dynamics coming off a moon tide, great moving water. Surface temps are over 65 degrees now. Not many sand eel around, some squid and butterfish, coughed up by bluefish. No bird activity except for an occasional tern sighting, dives are few and far between. Fish are holding in pockets if you can find them; move off quickly too searching for a meal in transition.

Captainís Log:

Rainer and son Jeff had a blast fishing for two days out at the island. Itís been six years since the two have both fished together in Rhode Island again. Jeff flew back to Chicago after visiting his dad, wetting a line and taking in a Red Sox/ Yankee Game.

They were greeted to two spectacular days on the water. The striper fishing picked up on Thursday to our surprise, much more bass that bluefish during the mid-morning hours. The bite lasted in spurts, locating small pods of fish in different contours and locations.

Friday had us socked in a fog bank for several hours during the early morning hours. Nothing seems to happen till it cleared. There were fewer stripers today, but we did manage to find some bluefish quietly slurping the surface. Most of the action happened in the early morning hours. As the tide change to the drop, we were hoping for a repeat of yesterday, but nothing did materialized.

The Paul Family enjoy some recreational time together. Jeff lives and works in Chicago, while his dad and family reside in Fairfield CT. Nice to see those two together gain enjoying some laughs and good times.

This may be Rainer best yet striper on a fly rod but wonít be his last if he catches the fishing bug again to spend more time on the water.

Jeff Rainer loves coming back to the east coast to fish for stripers. He ties a few flies each winter but gets really serious when it comes fishing time. Jeff can lay a fly line out there with the best of Ďum getting the fly out some 90-100 feet. One of his ties was recently featured in Fly Tyer caught this nice bass. Congrats!

Captain Ray