-- Narragansett Bay
The Northeast is still under siege with the same blanket of lousy weather patterns weíve had for the last two weeks. Cold, windy, and now rain have persisted most days. Lots of lost time on the water. The national weathermen declared that El Ninoís weather phenomenon is officially over on the west coast. Here in RI, itís been like ďNo NachosĒ.

The moon tides this past week have suspended plenty of flotsam in the water. Watch yourself while underway. There have been lots of tree branches, wood, weed, and other types of debris floating all over the bay. I myself just missed hitting a partially submerge log.

Fishing conditions remain slow again due to the stagnant conditions. Itís hard to tell the pogy situation this week with all the rough surface water. They may be around, but surly not near the surface. The rain should lower the salinity levels around Providence with the many major rivers that empty there. The shell fishermen have been out in numbers digging in protected waters, but not many fishing boats out for stripers. Thereís been a few bottom dunkers corralled at Ohio Ledge, Warwick Light, and Conimicut too searching for some tog, but thatís about it.

Captainís Log:

We did manage to get out on the water Tuesday morning with Joe Herbert. We fought conditions all morning, than at noon started getting even colder as another front moved in. Small craft warnings were issued. The drifts were extremely fast with the currents and wind aligned in the southerly direction. We found some protection in the lee and managed to pull eleven stripers from structure working for every fish. Still noting there is an abstinence of silversides for this time of May. Thatís not a good sign for things to come especially for school bass. The shallows and estuaries are void of them, but contain huge amounts of jellyfish and seaweed.

Joe Herbert worked extremely hard on his recent trip, but persistence paid off. Joe's back slim and trim and ready for another season.

Captain Ray