-- Upper Bay, Watch Hill
Locked in a time warp

Nothing has changed much in the last week in upper Narragansett Bay. Still loads of adult pogies around especially in the Providence River where the pogy boats are excluded by a gentlemen’s agreement not to seine or enter. Most live bait fishermen are complaining about the lack of big stripers. Lots of good runs, but most are smaller stripers not able to swallow the larger baits. Last weekend the fleet was out in numbers. It seems like everyone has their boat ready now for the season. Expect delays this Memorial Day weeks at local boat ramps. Those that launch late will find parking difficult. Fishermen who leave early will not have that problem, but expect delays pulling the boat.

Captain’s log:

Marty and Roger enjoyed visiting RI again from their home State of Vermont. Neither one of them ever caught a striper on a fly before. Last fall they enjoyed the albie run and thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the RI coastline. This year, rain, windy condition made it difficult.
They did manage to catch a few and enjoy the beauty of the upper bay in spite of the conditions.
Marty and Roger have had an excellent friendship for many years bolstered by their love of the sea. What better way to extend their brotherhood than with rod in hand. Thoroughly enjoyed the day sharing in their company. Good health my friends.

Doubled Up! Roger and Marty hoist a few schoolies and toast to their success.

Burt Batty celebrated his 70th birthday on board with son Peter, nephew Steve, and friend Danny.
It was like homecoming day in the neighborhood. Burt was my next door neighbor for 28 years before I moved to EG. Catching up on local news was lots of fun. Gosh the time flies by. There were so many wonderful memories from that neighborhood.

Burt had a great time enjoying the day on the water with family and friends.

Mike Harrington and Dave Pollack spent the morning at Watch Hill Reef Complex trying to find better conditions than fishing the bay. Small craft warning were raised everywhere except in Long Island Sound so we gave it our best shot. Turns out the conditions were not much better. Lots of water movement produced a strong rip line between the reefs. It looked like the place would turn-on with tern activity throughout the morning, but it never did. The rips were amazing with whirlpools and standing water everywhere along the channels. It was like riding a bull named, “Fu man Chu” most of the morning.

Dave Pollack managed this nice striper in big water finally got it to the boat in a long tug of war.

Captain Ray