Fishing Reports up to and including Friday, June 8, 2012
Location: South County, Rhode Island

The fishing is finally returning to normal and settling down after five straight days of high winds, high surf from the last tropical storm that blew thru Florida and up the coast. More and more sand eels continue to show. There’s three pound bluefish everywhere you look along the ocean front. You have to separate from these schools to find the stripers. Plenty of fog to deal with this week, but on the whole the seas has been calm with the winds out of the north.

Captains Log:

Mike Lombardozzi and his friend Chuck were out on the water a day after the last storm surge. Wave conditions were calm, the water looked clean, but the storm pushed much of the sand eel activity out. Mike landed some nice fish on a fly. Chuck worked extreme hard all day fly casting, going thru the learning process, trying to improve his skills. Got to hand it to Chuck he was a trooper, stuck with it thru the entire day. He had a few hook-ups and a few break-off at the boat. Disappointing as it may be, I think Chuck has caught the fly fishing bug. Just wait till next time; my bet, he’ll be more than ready.

Mike Lombardozzi is all smiles. Note the small size of the fly. Big fish… big bait…. Right!

Joe Klinger and his group of avid angler friends of Norm Davidson, Ted Rzepski, and Gary Steinmiller from Connecticut had a banner day Thursday. At first, it looked like a day of fog, but it quickly burned off right after sunrise. They were greeted to calm seas, little wind, but cold and cloudy conditions. We found some nice stripers rolling on the surface chasing small pods of sparse sand eels that may have lasted a two hour period. Afterwards, three pound bluefish moved in everywhere during the moving tide. There were plenty of tight lines all day long. We did make our share of fly donations. Plenty of fish banter all day kept us all laughing.

Please accept this sacrifice to the God Neptune for a splendid day on the water. Here Capt. Rene accepts the offering from Gary while Ted contemplates the meaning of life.

Norm Davidson hoist a lice covered striper

Joe Klinger with a nice fat, plump striper

Captain Ray