-- Upper Narragansett Bay
A few larger stripers are now on structure all over the upper bay, but no large quantity. They can be found almost anywhere where there are rock ledges, boulder fields, drops in contour. There lacks a consistency each day without large schools of forage present. Still haven’t seen any schools of adult bunker yet. We did see some dimpling silversides on the East Passage off Popasquash Point but nothing pushing them. That looked optimistic for awhile.

Some of the larger stripers we caught had their bellies stuffed. Had no idea what they were on. All the stripers we hooked are close to the bottom fishing with sinking fly lines. White deceivers or white half n half’s having been successful. Be prepared to move from place to place. Not many numbers, but those fish we caught have been quality over quantity. You work hard for each and every one.

Capt Ray’s Blog

Brothers, Dick and Mike Testa were onboard Thursday for their annual Spring Fling. We covered the bay from top to bottom cruising from Gaspee Point, Mt Hope Bay to the head of the Sakonnet River looking for linesiders. It was a gorgeous day with bright sun, low humidity and temps around 70. We had a good early morning that was spaced out enough to hold our interest. Mid morning was slow but the bite improved around noon again with the higher tide. Both brothers worked hard for each striper but the fly was much better than any spin option we could throw at them.

Dick Testa our spin guy, who’s now considering fly fishing after the results of their trip.

Mike Testa no stranger to catching quality stripers on a fly prove why he’s still the big brother when it comes to striper fishing.

Dave Pollack had a glorious day on the bay. Any time you can nail 15 stripers on a blue bird day with calm conditions without a ripple and no sign of bait is a good day. Conditions again stayed the same as they have been all week. Moving, looking, and moving again to find a few fish in the right places. With such poor morning tidal conditions, I had Dave get up before most people were going to bed. Fishing was slow but consistent. This type of actions tends to hold your interest more throughout the day.

Dave Pollack was able to stretch his fly lines a few times on some better stripers.

Look how easy! Even Capt. Ray got into the action.

Captain Ray