Light tackle enthusiasts are finding good fishing along the South County shores. There are still plenty of albies around, striper fishing is improving with cooler nights, and bluefish abound in the upper bay and west to Westerly. There is plenty of diverse action to suit any fishermanís needs. The weather continues to cooperate.

The West Wall continues to hold false albacore during the morning tides. Winds and surf have been light making for great surface visuals. Albies will run up and down the foot of the sea walls waiting for trapped anchovies to emerge from the boulders. Fly fishermen have the edge on the jetties. Small epoxy flies with silver, olive, and brown contrast work best. Very fast two handed retrieves and no pause work seems to do the trick. Be patient; work the fly line continuously regardless of fish sightings.

Most of the bigger schools of immature anchovies in the open water have moved out. The number of pods of albies has dwindled too. Anglers are having a better hook-up rate using conventional spinning gear. The number of surface blitzes has diminished, but the fish are more cooperative to take other offerings. Longer cast are a must. Fewer fish in each pod and boat noise have kept them at a bay. As the morning wears on, the surface action dissipates. Best shots are right after sunrise.

Striper fishing has improved during the morning bite. It peeks at false dawn and slowly fades with the rising temperatures. Patches of mullet can be seen skating across the surface fleeing for their lives. Some bass in the low teens have been swimming in the surf. Plenty of immature bluefish were schooled along the shores of East Matunuck Beach. As you move west toward the breachways more and more peanut bunker are holding. The salt ponds are loaded with them. Bluefish as large as ten pounds or more slash the bait at times.

Dan Devine and Joe Hebert got some fast fleeting albies on separate trips this week. Dan fishing under less than good weather conditions Saturday had no problem landing this beauty.
Joe had more than is hands full with this baby! Congratulations Joe on your first albie caught fish. He is no longer an albie virgin, Joe canít wait till his next hookup.

Captain Ray