-- Prudence Island
Striper fishing has been hit or miss during the week. High winds and rough water has put a damper on much of the surface activity. The bay is spotty with smaller baitfish. Some say they are bay anchovies; my guess would be silversides or immature sea herring. Activity picks up with the moving tide.

We found a slug of stripers just south of Conimicut Light on Tuesday afternoon. Two stripers fell to a Clouser that hit the mid teen mark. Morning hours are by far the most consistent but the bite quickly dies. So far the adult bunker schools have not moved into the upper bay. Some anglers have reported that there are bunker in the Port of Providence. Unless there is an influx of more plentiful bait, the striper bit will be slow again for this time of year.

On Saturday morning, we were surprised to find a worm swarm in twenty feet of water near Warwick Country Club. Dozens of boils and plenty of birds produced no results. The cinder worms were about one and half inches in length were bright dark red. That quickly died out too. Once rounding Warwick Light the dense fog covered the bay. We limped around for the next four hours using our electronics to try and locate fish along the eastern shore of Potters Cove. Nothing! Finally the fog broke and there were a few bass in the teens caught around Bear Point in a fleet of boats. Dave Pollack nailed a beauty in the fourteen plus range on a Clemson streamer fished deep with a sink line in twenty feet right in the middle of the fleet. Dave caught two other smaller stripers on the same pattern fly. Dave certainly has a dandy of a good early season fly.

Dave Pollack with a nice midteen striper caught on a Clemson Streamer.

Captain Ray