-- PJ
When it comes to hard tail reports only the fresh ones are worth their weight. So here goes! Fishing around the Refuge Walls today was extremely slow.

The anchovy supply has really thinned and so go the albies. Surface action is curtailed to only a few fish and sporadic at best. Theyíre up and down quickly; you get one shoot. Low tide near sunrise didnít help either. They were coughing up adult size bay anchovies so fly patterns could be larger today. Best times near sunrise and only for a few hours. Donít bet on birds to show you the way, very few around.

Joe Herbert returned from his fishing vacation after spending three weeks in New Hampshire. Conditions there was extremely slow so it was nice to get Joe back home on local waters. We were able to get him tight on a few occasions and stretch some fly line. We had beautiful weather all morning with favorable winds to cast a fly line.

As you can see, Joe made up for lost time and cashed in on his first albie trip of the season.

Captain Ray