Fishing Reports up to and including Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Location: South County, Rhode Island

Finally able to get out on the ocean after nearly two weeks of wind and heavy surges.
Beautiful fall day, wind down to 5 mph, nice little chop, water temps 59 degrees.
Lots of big bait around the ocean shores, pods of adult menhaden mixed with mullet. Find Ďum and there will be some good size stripers below the bait schools with some big bluefish too.
Itís tough to figure out where the migration is for this time of the season. Very few boats ventured out the last two weeks. Not much Intel. If today was any indication the big push of big girls is underway and there should be a solid three weeks left of good bass fishing. No signs of any hardtails.

Captainís Log:

Quality over quantity, thatís how it played out this morning. Only three stripers boated today but two of them were over 20 lbs. all on flies. Dave Pollack caught a magnificent beast estimated at over 35 lbs. The striper measured in around 42 inches or so. She had such a huge stomach bulge feeding on adult menhaden. Dave enjoyed the 10 minute battle that took him deep into the backing. He did a masterful job getting her to the boat. Dave has been there many times before and has plenty of skill and experience, but to date, this is Daveís best striper on a fly. Heís not done at 76 year of age.

Dave Pollackís fine catch

Captainís catch, not as big as Daveís beauty, but nothing to sneeze about either caught on a fly

Captain Ray