-- Southern Rhode Island
The upper bay could see some changes the next few days that will not be conducive to better fishing conditions. Tests have confirmed that a severe hypoxic event may be in the process. These conditions occur naturally in the bay each summer, but are aided by nutrient runoffs and rain. Slowly the oxygen level depletes. This can cause massive shell fish lost and fish kills in coves and isolated areas. Keep a look-out!

Conditions along the ocean front look much healthier. Tons of small bait continues to build along the shore. Mornings they are tight to the surf than move off shore a mile or two. Terns will be on them with a few snapper bluefish breaking the surface. It’s probably a mixture of sand eels or peanut bunker. This time of year they move closer to feed in the protected estuaries.

Block Island still is in a good fishing mode; but not with the same consistency of prior weeks. Electrical storms and recent hot weather have slowed things down somewhat. It should improve as it settles down. More and more bluefish have moved into the waters interfering with live-lining eels. Look around for small cells of stripers. It’s all tide/current dependant. We found that throwing the more lifelike rubber baits work best with a slower jigging action. Surface sea temps are near 70 degrees so the bass may be deeper.

Look for the false albacore to appear very soon. There are already some bonito around the island. That fishery should improve with the warmer weather and the buildup of sand eels.

Practice what you preach!
Business what it is in today, we had to chance to wet a line.

We get high….. With the help of our friends!

Captain Ray