-- PJ
Fishing Reports up to and including Saturday, June 23.
Location: South County, Rhode Island

First heat wave of the summer hit us this week, started Wednesday and still continues. High temps hit 95 degrees inland in the interior of the state, but out on the ocean temperatures are comfortable and moderate no higher than 75 degrees.

Wednesday’s temperature was unbelievable with a temperature differential of 45 degrees.
We left in the early morning the car temperature was reading 50 degrees. We fished all day wearing jackets. Coming back to the mainland was ninety, trailering home 95 degrees.

Striped bass are difficult to find in Rhode Island right now. It seems that most of the bass migration has simply past us by this summer toward the Cape where sand eel baitfish are plentiful. Water temperatures here have reached 65 degrees. There are plenty of bluefish around everywhere and some as large as ten pounds.

Captain’s Log:

George Quart had a great time catching some large bluefish on Wednesday. George loves saltwater fly rodding but doesn’t get the chance to fish as much living in Vermont.

We were greeted to heavy seas and a strong southwest wind that kept us from fishing the back side. We found a concentration of some large bluefish in water depths of twenty feet that kept us busy for the entire morning.

Plenty of tight lines kept George busy all morning reeling in backing. There were lots of war story telling and laughs all day. George ending the day taking his lovely wife Susan to a restaurant craving some fresh daily seafood they just do not have in Vermont.

George hoisting a large bluefish, one of many caught on Wednesday. Please protect your skin from the sun rays this time of year. George fashions a popular bola worn by many tropical fly fisherman and bank/store robbers alike.

Joe Herbert spent a couple of mornings together this week after being away for a week. It was nice to catch up on news again and enjoy the company. Plenty of bluefish around to enjoy the day with some nice weather and scenery. Joe left some of his fine art work flies to be treasured by some bluefish collectors. Temperature s off shore was pleasant all morning. The air conditioner failed to work on the ride home, made for an uncomfortable thirty minutes. Welcome back Joe….. Try to stay cool at home.

Wayne Perry and Charlie Fortier did their annual trip to Rhode Island this week always scheduled near the end of June. Unlike previous trips, bass were hard to find this time, not one to be had. They fished structure, rips, flat, and every scenario you can think of and …. Nada!
Plenty of tight lines with some angry yellow eye devils tail dancing on the surface, trying to shake their offerings. These two guys truly have great bond fishing, participating in club functions and yaking together. They probably spend more time together than with their wife’s. Not a bad thing. The conversation just flows naturally all day long. I’m sure by now each knows what the other is going to say before it’s spoken. They had great weather and favorable winds to enjoy a fabulous day on the water.

Frosting on the cake. Charlie hooks up on a nice rip runner on the return home to end a beautiful day with friends and fishing.

Captain Ray