-- Mid Bay Islands
Cast a Fly Charters fly skipper, Capt. Ray Stachelek reports,

Striper fishing has been more active this week with the warmer weather and full moon tides. There seems to be more adult bunker in the bay right now. Each school is very small in size about twenty feet in diameter. Also, more visible are the spotter planes/ and purse seining going on. One good sign, some larger stripers have arrived with sea lice on Ďum. It appears they may be following the recent influx of bunker. The big girls are late getting here off the beds with the colder spring water temperatures. Most of the striper action we have encountered are small pods of fish searching near drop-offs and ledges. Generally we have been fishing in fifteen feet of water. Once again your electronic fish finder is an important key to finding them and covers more water.

The best early Fatherís Day gift of all.

Ask any devoted father like Dave Piacitelli the importance of what he does in his life and heíll mention his family first. How does this dad like to spend a Sunday morning? Fishing with his best friend Paul (from California) and Daveís young son, Hunter. Now thatís a formula for some bonding and quality time. What could make it even better? Good fishing of course! That would be frosting on the cake.

Sundayís trip started slow but improved as the morning progressed. We splashed at the Wickford Ramp at 6:30am. We first tried the East Greenwich ramp but the small lot was already full. There were more boats on the water today, than I have seen all season long. We were greeted to a beautiful blue bird day with calm winds and flat seas. It took three hours for the tide to start to move. We found a slug of stripers in fifteen feet of water. The rest of the trip was superb.

Young Hunter Piacitelli proudly displays his largest caught striper to date.
It wonít be long before he surpasses his feat.

The trey amigos hamming it up! It was a good day with friends, laughter, and fishing.

Dave holding the largest striper of the day. Caught and released on a fly unharmed.

Captain Ray