-- PJ
This is what we live for as saltwater fly fishermen.

The hard tails are here in numbers, spread out from both ends of the state from Newport to Watch Hill. All our trips either begin at the Pt. Judith area or Watch Hill Reef Complex. The larger wave surges and stronger currents this week have really turned on the inshore tuna bite. The more wave turbulence the better for these speedsters.

Do you have what it takes?

First is the need to control the adrenaline rush. These tackle busting footballs always seem out of casting range. When not expecting them, they frequently appear a few feet from the boat. Here are a few of the more frequently used phrases…. Frustrating, numbness, mystified, don’t understand why these fish don’t take that f#5%6 fly?

Strong Attributes

Faster line release, minimal false casting, quick stripping, and the patience and fortitude to cast a hundred times. The dividends are worth the effort with reels screaming deep into the backing, long runs, great theater, and of course excellent photo opportunities.

This has started into one of the best early fall runs in a while. Don’t delay… you never know how long they stick around.

Enjoy the weekend.

Capt. Ray

Captain Ray