-- Upper Narragansett Bay
Motor starter problems kept us off the water for a few days, but we manage to still get out.

Pods of bunker continue holding north of Providence Point off Prudence Island. They rise and dive quickly. The pogies have gotten educated from weeks of being hunted. The extremely warm temperatures have slowed the bass bite. Still there is good fishing near sunrise. Larger bluefish to eight pounds are around but not in any concentration to produce any surface activity. Look for them down below the bunker line. Rumstick Point has a combination of stripers and bluefish in the mix off the ledges.

Captains Log

Do you believe in the “Big Bang Theory?” Joe Herbert sure does. But first let me clarify this statement as it may seem ambiguous in this situation. There are those of you who might be thinking how the universe may have been created by one giant super mass exploding in all directions? You would be wrong in this case. Joe, (if you can recall from previous reports) just started saltwater fly fishing a little more than a year ago. At age seventy one, he has decided to soak up as much information and knowledge about the sport as anyone has. That includes some serious On the Water Time too.

With Joe there is always a story behind each trip. Naturally today was no different. He arrives with his brand new Loomis Cross-Current rod. Loomis was kind enough to upgrade his previous model with had a broken tip to a much newer one. Boy is he happy! He finds after casting with it for 45 minutes, his new stick has no MoJo whatsoever. Not a hit! Not a bump! He can’t even snag the bottom. Now that’s pretty bad!

He switches to his nine weight Sage purchased just two weeks ago. The outfit is over lined with a ten weight full sink line. Talk about Jackal and Hyde! He’s got the timing down pat with this baby. He is soon into stripers. Nice fish, not micros. All average around four pounds. Surprisingly we are catching stripers in 92 degree heat till 11:00 am during the summer. That in itself is surprising in the upper bay. We nail about twenty bass and one eight pound bluefish. Well as you can surmise, he finally gets the Big Bang? That’s the second in two trips.

Here are the results of his efforts.

Captain Ray