-- Narragansett Bay & Block Island
Fishing Reports up to and including Friday, May 31, 2013
Location: Upper Narragansett Bay and Block Island, Rhode Island

Capt. Ray Stachelek reports:

Jackal and Hyde, thatís the fishing results and the weather this past week.
One morning itís 38 degrees, two days later 91 degrees. Unfortunately fish being cold blooded animals their bodies adapt to the ambient temperatures, extreme changes affect their eating behavior and metabolism. Narragansett Bay has not been fishing well as of late for stripers. Missing are the smaller baits of silversides that usually occupy the shallow coves estuaries, and grass covered areas. The trend has been that way for the last three years. Larger baitfish seems to be more abundant. Schools of menhaden have been located in many mid bay locations. The reduction fishing boat seiner has been on them most mornings when the winds are down. Unfortunately the larger migrations of stripes havenít appeared here in the bay. We have been catching more of the smaller guys, so thatís a promising sign.

Block Island has been fishing much better than the bay, but nothing consistent. Small size sand eels are the primary bait. Small scattered pods of them surface now and then quickly sound by approaching boats. High winds and heavy surf have stymied the success rate. Most of the stripers released started in the five pound range or larger.

Captainís Log:

Joe Herbert and Tom Gibson had a difficult time in the bay Sunday morning. High winds again put a dent in the fishing. The weather was a major factor again. Their trip was move three times for better conditions. We had no options left but Sunday before Tom was heading home back to New Jersey. We battled some tuff conditions. The only good thing was a good hot breakfast afterwards.

Bob Signorello came to RI for three plus days of fishing for his favorite species, the striped bass. Nothing runs deeper in Bobís mind for passion than catching old linesider. Once again the weather was important. Tuesdayís trip to the island, Bob landed his first striper of the year. There were many more to follow, as Bob, using a full sink line, fast long retrieve rate, closer to the surface, attached a small sand eel imitation. Joe Herbert was on board as Bobís guest landed the biggest striper of the year so far. This one was net worthy as Jerry Seinfeld would say. Bob and I would later fish and wade the salt ponds on Wednesday due to high winds and wave surges catching four schoolies and a fluke on flies.

Joe and Bob enjoyed the first trip to block. Joe seen here releases a nice size strip striper.

Bob Sig also enjoys the fishing and friendship out at Block Island.

Captain Ray