Fishing Reports up to and including Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Location: Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Times, they are a changing!

Mixed bag of weather this week, finally some sunshine and warmth sandwiched between rains but still more wind. Morning tides have been better each day as we progress toward the weekend.

More and more bunker around the Ohio Ledge Ė Rocky Point - Conimicut Point Triangle. The amount of bunker in the bay has been large enough now to permit restriction seining by DEM. The first boat appeared early Tuesday morning steaming out of Mount Hope Bay. Late Tuesday afternoon finally some larger bass located them and chased them to the surface. Most of the time the bunker schools remain unmolested by predators. Some adult bunkers are starting to show in the cove at East Greenwich Harbor.

Itís been more than two weeks since Iíve seen any tern activity diving on small bait and we have been up and down the bay from Fields Point down to the Homestead on Prudence Island over the past week. Very few sport fishing boats out except in Providence where there might be a dozen boats rafting near the commercial docks on the western side of the river. With fuel prices on the decline, that should tell you something about present fishing conditions in the upper bay. This should be prime-time for the spring right now. Bay temperatures are ideal at 61 degrees.

Captainís Log:

Bob Signorello enjoyed a day of fishing with Joe Herbert on Monday morning. They managed to scratch up some stripers on a fly in very windy conditions and fast drifts. The total catch of the day about twelve stripers and they worked hard for each and every one of them. Thatís the way it has been this season so far in Narragansett Bay.

Bob Signorello, AKA, Striper Bob, his passion runs deep for the species.

Joe Herbert, the model of consistence with another large striper on a fly.
He continues to defy the odds.

Tuesday, Bob Signorello from Pennsylvania picked up his son Rob at Green Airport flew in from Florida for their annual father/son get together. What better way to bond father and son than on the water with a wand in their hands chasing stripers. Robís feet havenít touched the ground yet. Off they went for two days of fishing on Narragansett Bay for stripers. That was the plan before weather changed the itinerary. Tuesday had a better tide started early, headed out on the top of the tide with rain in the forecast and mild winds. The rain managed to hold off till the afternoon. We canvassed a lot of water from Mount Hope Bay, to the head of Sakonnet River and the upper bay found a few fish along the way. After researching Wednesdayís weather prognostications of dome and gloom we decided to extend the day to maximize their time on the water. This lead to a marathon day on the water of thirteen hours. Wednesdayís boat trip was cancelled, but the two fished many South County areas by foot. Their passion runs deep and there is plenty of time to sleep later on. As far as I know they are still casting a line. Iím impressed. Great to finally get a chance to meet you Rob. Heard so many good things about your fishing skills. Your dad didnít embellish.

Rob Signorello was champing at the bit waiting for this trip to come. High Anxiety doesnít begin to describe his emotions and actions. Here Rob lifts a nice middle weight fly rod striper.

What can you say! Robís dad, Bob shows his son that he still has skills, that experience still counts and wisdom will prevail in the end.
Bob catches a big Ďin to remain tops in his sonís eyes.

*Please Note: Stunt double actors used in the last two photographs.

Captain Ray