-- Block Island
There’s still some good bass fishing at Block Island even though it’s two thirds thru July. There’s plenty of top water action during the morning hours near sun rise, but it doesn’t last long. The sand eels quickly dissipate.

Larger stripers are holding in deeper waters will hit a sluggo or other rubber offering. Fly fishermen are having success with sand eel imitation with sinking lines some as large as fifteen pounds. Plenty of larger stripers in the plus thirty range willing to take a live eel in deeper waters. The southwestern humps and the area around the red nun at Black Rock is a good start. Move around a lot. There are pockets of fish moving thru the current most of the mornings.

Joe Calcavecchia and Joe Herbert fly fished Monday morning during the rising tide. They had steady action for most of the morning with calm seas and little wind. These teen sized stripers are a lot of fun to catch on a fly rod. You will soon find out, “why they call them rock fish?”

Captain Ray