-- Upper Bay, Block Island
Fishing Reports up to and including Friday, May 27, 2011
Location: Upper Narragansett Bay, Block Island

Mid-week was mixed with fog and cool temperatures. Right now the tides are between moon phases so the lack of current has had an effect on the fishing and the appearance of the bay. Plenty of flotsam over the surface from tree branches to plastics of any kind. Just imagine how the bottom would look if they drained this place. Pollen is visible everywhere. The green scum line on my boat indicates a new water line.

Captainís Log

Want to know how many stripers in the bay right now plus the quality of fishing? Hereís accurate litmus test. East Greenwich Cove was covered with cinder worms mating on the surface early Wednesday morning. The swarm was so prolific it could rival the ones in the South County salt ponds. It spread south of the boat ramp all the way around the cove to Sally Rock Ledge. Not one breaking fish or swirl. Joe Herbert managed one striper and one bluefish the entire morning fly fishing the entire upper bay from the tip of Prudence Island down south to Jamestown including fishing both sides of Prudence Island. We had several bluefish cut-offs too. It was lots of prospecting and casting with very little to show for our efforts.

Friday morning we were on the water a half hour before sunrise with Dick Tremblay and Dave Pollack. It was an early morning wake-up call for Dick who hails from Putnam, Connecticut. We were headed to our off-shore accounts to see if our investments could pay higher dividends. It sounds like a hidden money scheme to hide assets? The day produces some great dividends.

Dave and Dick released 30 stripers from 6-14 lbs. all on sand eels patterns. The numbers could have been higher if not for the dense fog that blanketed us the entire morning. Even though we caught good numbers of stripers, we never did see any tight concentrations. Catching was at a consistent pace without any lengthy delays which makes the day go better.

Dick Tremblay had his first visit to the island in years. Wish he could have viewed the scenery.

Dave enjoyed the day, topped off by a good cigar.

Captain Ray