-- Watch Hill Reef Complex
False albacore fishing is still holding its own at Watch Hill and the surrounding reefs. There have been some new wrinkles this week. The low tides have been near the sunrises. This has delayed the early morning bite with the lack of water movement. Once the current starts picking up, the action quickly starts. The good news is that the sightings have been consistent throughout the day. It’s been quieter each morning with less wind and waves. Albies have been more selective and the level of frustration for anglers has increased. Once the wind picks up it creates more ambient noise and turbulence. Hook-up rates increase.

The other switch is bay anchovies. They have replace the butterfish of last week as the predominate bait supply. We found both adult anchovies and the smaller size present. Make sure your fly has plenty of brown over green. There has been an increase in boats this week in confined areas. On the whole most boaters have been behaving, but there are still a few that will test your patience. My advice, “Grin and bear it!” It’s not worth the aggravation of a confrontation. It’s supposed to be enjoyment. Ri…ght! You should have plenty of chances to be over fish. You have to remember these guys are sick with albie fever and are not thinking logical.

Paul Pezza knows the feeling of a tight line and singing drag at an undisclosed location.

Dave Pollack is no stranger to little tunny fishing now. His numbers this season continue to grow.

Captain Ray