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Fly Tying

Angel Hair Fly

It's no secret that synthetic materials have changed our fly designs over the years. Effects only dreamed about in the old days are now common in the rich variety of tying materials available. Angel Hair is one such achieving material.  Two properties make it inherently productive: 1.) its ability to flow naturally and 2.) its translucency. Learn in this step by step just how easy it is to tie a winning fly.

Angel Deerest

Angel Hair captures the brilliance and iridescence of the underwater world. Mixtures of material and light set off by motion make these flies truly ignite. This design tackles the problem of when fish are on to larger forage and a longer, wider profiled fly is needed.

Stealthwing Streamer

An innovation that takes advantage of a weighted doubled-up hook, stealthily hidden in a flat wing configuration. This fly is great for getting deep in fast moving water.

Ultra-Bright Rattle Squid

The Ultra-Bright Rattle Squid emphasized most of the dominant characteristics of a real squid to create the illusion of movement. The materials used are designed to gather light in low ambient light conditions and in stained water. Most of the fly materials comprises the use of Angel Hair and Poly Bear, two highly reflective materials. These sparse materials do not absorb water, so the pattern is easy to cast.

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